Our Orthopedic Surgeons and Physicians Assistants are available for consultation at our satellite offices at 40 Washington Street and 54 Washington Street in Wellesley, MA.



We have  partnered with Shields MRI to provide MRI services at 54 Washington Street. MRI at Shields in Wellesley offers the following advantages over MRI scans performed in the hospital:

  • Significantly less expensive than MRI performed in a hospital, helping to save you money.
  • Quieter and faster than most MRI units, reducing the time that you need to be in the scanner.
    Performed by technicians who only perform musculoskeletal MRI, ensuring only the highest-quality images.
  • Independent review of all studies by musculoskeletal radiologists at Newton-Wellesley Radiology, ensuring maximal accuracy of scan interpretation.
  • Portability of studies – MRI performed in the hospital can only be viewed by providers directly affiliated with the hospital. Shields MRI studies, on the other hand, are accessible to registered providers all over the state. If you ever need a second opinion, you will not need to repeat the MRI or go back to the hospital to get a hard copy burned to CD.
  • Like our primary office at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, digital X-ray can be performed at 54 Washington Street allowing for better, faster diagnosis with less radiation. All of our X-ray technicians perform only musculoskeletal X-rays and work closely with our doctors and PA’s to obtain the highest quality images possible and reduce unnecessary X-rays.




At our at 54 Washington Street location, we have partnered with Rebound Physical Therapy, an independent group of physical and occupational therapists to provide convenient, on-site, coordinated patient care.

Free Parking

Patients will enjoy free parking at 54 Washington Street and 40 Washington Street in Wellesley and the convenience of front door handicap access parking.

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